the toolbox

The toolbox. Premiere Upper East Side Gay Bar



Isbel was a stray gay that was picked up from the streets by the Toolbox to work the bingo shift. Trained at the bar for an exhaustive couple of weeks, he finally learned how to follow basic instructions. Soon he would work the weekend shifts for two exciting years before moving on (ate too much and was not a Twink anymore).

Encouraged to follow his passion, he now aspires to be a public servant. Turns out that our great customer base prepared him to be politically-minded. Grateful and thankful for his upbringing at the Toolbox, he comes in every so often to cover shifts. Isbel likes candy, books and presidential elections.


🕒   Weekdays 4 PM - 4 AM

          Weekends 3 PM - 4 AM

☎  (212) 348-1288

📍   1742 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10128